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Providing emerging and mature companies with a responsive, dedicated and affordable solution for legal services

About Us

At Corporate Legal Partners, we are in the business of providing sound legal advice and solutions to our clients at very reasonable rates. It is our goal to learn about your business, so that we can quickly identify legal issues and work to find the solution that best suits you. We are efficient as much as we are dedicated, and we strive to become your trusted legal and business advisors. Below are some reasons why we believe your company can benefit from our services.

    Senior-Level Attorneys

    We are highly-experienced, motivated, and professional attorneys with over twenty years combined legal and business experience. We utilize a practical approach to address your legal issues. We do not try to stand in your way, but rather work with you to identify the legal hot spots to help you make more informed business decisions. With us you will benefit from our tremendous value-added capabilities. We work closely with our business clients so that we can give responsive and sensible legal advice. Whether it be part-time, per project or overflow work - it's our business and it's what we do best.

    Round-the-Clock Availability

    We make ourselves available to you whenever you need us and we can provide you with a response rate that you just don't get with a traditional firm. And, if you want an attorney on-site, we will be there for you. We believe that it is critical that counsel be available for you when you need them and that they be flexible. So if that call has to take place within a few hours, we'll make it happen.

    Work Directly with Principals

    At Corporate Legal Partners you work directly with our principals. We are the decision-makers. We are small and aggressive, so you won't look at us like the traditional law firm. You will find that our responsiveness is unparalleled and that, because of our size, we will be able to give you exceptional personalized legal services. Nothing has to be reviewed or agreed upon by someone higher up the law firm ladder. And, similarly, your work is never passed down to a junior-level associate or passed on from attorney to attorney. This all translates into greater consistency and efficiency for your company.

    Cost-effective Approach

    Quality legal advice is what you get and we understand that it is what you will value most. At Corporate Legal Partners, we provide our clients with innovative and effective expert legal services in a cost-effective manner. No longer will you be limited to the traditional law firms as your only resources for drafting agreements, performing corporate housekeeping, drafting and reviewing company policies and so on. You get the results you want - a workable solution to your legal concerns - without having to send your work to your outside law firm.

Whatever your needs, we will do our best to get you the service level and quality advice that you need. We will work to acquire in-depth knowledge about your business, learn the nuances of your company's management style, and understand your corporate philosophy and overall mission, always striving to provide you with expert legal advice.

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate
  • Human Resources
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation Management
  • Real Estate